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Have you heard Joe Kenny’s debut EP yet? Well if not, why not?

Perfect Fool‘, Joe’s debut seven-track EP was released on 17 September 2021. Hot on the heels of the two previous singles ‘Chasing A Dream’ and ‘I’m All At Sea’, Joe describes the EP as his lockdown labour of love.

Download or stream it now from wherever you get your music from via via this link.

Track list:
– Chasing A Dream
– Perfect Fool
– I’m All At Sea
– May Your Memory
– Label Me
– Turn It Round
– On Raglan Road

We’re very excited Joe Kenny’s debut single ‘Chasing A Dream’ was released on 1 July 2021.

Download and stream Joe Kenny’s debut single Chasing A Dream

It just keeps coming, Joe’s second single ‘I’m All At Sea’ dropped on 6 August 2021.

Download or stream I’m All At Sea from your favourite music service below and thank you so much for your support:

Find loads of other ways to listen at https://joekenny.hearnow.com

The singles drop ahead of Joe’s debut EP planned for September 2021.

Here’s a taste of what they’re saying in the press

Belfast Live – June 2021

Sunday World from 11 July 2021


But who’s Joe Kenny anyway?

Well, read this short bio and you might find out. We’re not gonna lie, Joe wrote this himself so it’s only the good bits.

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But what does Joe Kenny sound like?

Enough of the talking, here’s links to Joe’s music and videos.

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